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About Nice Lady Productions

Nice Lady Production is a full service video production and photography company—based in Victoria, British Columbia—owned by award winning filmmaker and camera gear reviewer Kelly Conlin.

Kelly Conlin is a Canadian filmmaker who is passionate about bringing untold stories to life through her work as a cinematographer, director, editor and colourist. Her films have screened internationally at over forty film festivals and garnered multiple nominations and awards, including winning: Best Documentary, Best Short and Best Experimental Film. 

Since 2005, Nice Lady Productions has assisted major brands, government entities, small businesses and non-governmental organizations to tell their story visually. What sets Nice Lady Productions' videography and photography work apart is how it is highly influenced by cinema—how the imagery is framed, lit and captured—and in how the videos exhibit mechanisms of plot and storytelling.

Kelly is presently in production—as the cinematographer, editor and colourist—on the feature documentary film All Female Card, about an all female boxing tournament featuring some of the best boxers and coaches in North America.

Known online as the camera gear reviewer Nice Lady Productions, Kelly's in-depth reviews and tutorials demonstrate her passion for sharing filmmaking techniques with the broader community. Her reviews have been featured on some of the top blogs and manufacturer websites and have garnered a loyal following on her YouTube Channel. Kelly is extremely passionate about her work and in helping people, whether she's working with a major company, small business or on a film set. Let Nice Lady Productions assist with your visual storytelling.


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