Nice Lady Productions

most things in life aren't this nice


Nice Lady Production is a full service video and photography studio—based in Victoria, British Columbia—owned by award winning filmmaker and camera gear reviewer Kelly Conlin.

Nice Lady Productions' videography and photography work is highly influenced by cinema—both in how the imagery is framed, lit and captured—and in how the videos exhibit mechanisms of plot and storytelling.

Kelly's films have screened internationally at over 30 film festivals, garnering over a dozen nominations and awards including Best Documentary and Best Experimental Film. Early in her career, Kelly received formal training in film theory and hands-on training as a cinematographer, camera operator and post production specialist, from some of the biggest names in filmmaking.

Known online by her loyal fans as the camera gear reviewer Nice Lady Productions, Kelly's in-depth reviews have been featured on some of the top blogs and manufacturer websites. She brings her passion and skill to each project, whether working with a major company, small business or on a film crew. Let Nice Lady Productions tell your story.